How to fix meeting recording failed to upload to stream in Microsoft Teams

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Are you seeking a solution that will make sharing and uploading videos simpler for you? One that we can recommend is the Microsoft Teams app, which makes it simple to upload and share videos with others in your company. It includes features that allow you to effortlessly record your Microsoft Teams video meetings and post them to Stream to share with everyone.

However, despite its ease of interference, it is susceptible to inaccuracy. Some users have reported receiving an error while attempting to broadcast a Microsoft Teams recorded meeting. This problem was already encountered during a meeting. When a Microsoft Teams user records a meeting video, the video fails to upload to Stream after the meeting has ended. To put a stop to this aggravating problem, this article will go over the causes of the error and offer solutions to help users resolve the problem. Continue reading for more information and to learn all of the actions that must be followed to eliminate the problem.


  • Your Teams records may not be uploaded to the stream for a variety of reasons. To discover the right solutions to utilize in fixing the error, you must explore the following aspects listed below. Check out the following list of things that affect your Microsoft Teams app uploads:

  • Your Teams account might not have the required permissions.
  • Your Team’s account doesn’t have enough storage.
  • Streaming may be disabled on your Team’s account.


  • Receiving unsuccessful error notifications on our app is inconvenient and has a significant impact on our ability to complete our tasks on time. Fortunately, there isn’t much to be concerned about because there are numerous solutions available. That is what we will present below; have a look at them and carefully follow the instructions for a quick resolution.

Solution #1: Give it a Little More Time

  • It could be due to a bad connection or technological difficulties. However, waiting can be beneficial.
  • After a few hours of waiting, some video recordings are uploaded.

Solution #2: Verify Your Streaming License

  • The error could be caused by your current subscription. It can depend on whether or not you have a valid Stream license.
  • Microsoft 365 offers a variety of subscription options, each with its own set of Stream features. It’s also possible that Stream isn’t enabled in your Microsoft Teams.
  • Check to see if your Microsoft 365 subscription includes the Stream feature.

Solution #3: Double-check your upload permissions.

  • Ascertain that the appropriate Teams user has all of the required rights to upload videos to Microsoft Stream. You can verify if the settings allow you to add videos if you are the Stream admin.
  • If you are not an administrator, you must request that the settings be changed to allow you to upload videos.
  • Make sure the option Allow everyone to view this movie is checked in the settings. It will help in the effective upload of your video.

Solution #4: Comply with the Upload Policy at all times.

  • Without agreeing on the upload policy, Microsoft Stream will not allow you to post videos. If you’re not sure whether you’ve accepted the upload policy, try manually uploading a video to Stream, and the policy will ask you to accept it.

Conclusion: To upload your meetings to Stream, all you have to do is attempt one of the ways listed above. And as a result, your meeting will run smoothly, giving you the finest experience possible with your organization’s meeting. You won’t have to worry about any issues when using the app.