How to fix Google Photos error: stuck on “setting up your library”

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Google Photos is a cloud-based photo and video storage application. Users find it entertaining to use, in addition to being a helpful online tool, because of its unique features such as powerful facial recognition and smart search. The app is simple to use and navigate, allowing you to save and share all of your mobile or desktop photos with whomever you choose. You may now access your images from any device that has your Google account logged in. When you set up a new device with that excellent feature, retrieving your images will just take a few minutes. When you get the “Set up your Photo Library” error, meanwhile, you’ll have trouble accessing your Google Photos from a different device. Many people have experienced this error, which has left them frustrated after being trapped on the same page for several hours setting up their images. This article will go over the delay error and present a list of solutions for resolving it. WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF THE “SETTING UP YOUR PHOTO LIBRARY” ERROR ON YOUR GOOGLE PHOTOS?– When there is a delay in installing Google Photos on your new Android device, the “Setting Up Your Photo Library” issue appears. Because the size of your Google Photos backup and your internet connection are both factors in syncing media files saved in the cloud. Another cause of this problem is the presence of zero-byte photos and videos on your smartphone from a WhatsApp backup. As a result, if this happens and you’ve been waiting for an hour and no media has been added to your library, you’ll need to take action to finish the process. Continue reading for a list of solutions to that problem that will help you finish the photo-adding procedure in your library. HOW TO FIX THE GOOGLE PHOTOS ERROR:  STUCK ON “SETTING UP YOUR PHOTO LIBRARY”– Are you one of the users who has had this problem? Then you can look over and test the solutions we’ve provided. This will guarantee that the stuck-up error when setting up your photo library is fixed. Simply follow the instructions for your Android or iOS device listed below. Solution#1: Restart your Phone or Tablet• Close all operating apps in the background and exit the Google Photos app on your mobile device.• Wait a few minutes after turning off your smartphone.• Restart your device and open the Google Photos app again. Solution #2: Perform a power cycle on all of your devices.• Unplug your network and modem and turn off your device. • Wait at least three minutes. • Connect to the Internet by plugging your router and modem back in. • Restart your device and Google Photos will appear. Solution #3: Make sure your Google Photos app is up to date.• Go to Google Play Store and search for it.• Select the icon for your profile.• Go to Apps & Device Management.• Tap the Update button next to Google Photos. • You can also select to update all of your apps at once.• Restart Google Photos and see if the problem persists. Solution #4: Delete the cache from your Google Photos application.• Start by going to your device’s Settings menu.• Go to the Apps section.• Look for Google Photos on the internet. Tap See all apps if you can’t find them.• Go to Google Photos and select it.• Go to the Storage area.• Clear the cache by using the Clear button.• Clear the data by tapping it. Solution#5: Delete Zero-Byte Files– You’ll need to install a terminal app on your Android phone or tablet to use this method. Termux is available for free download.• Set up Termux permissions first.• Start by going to your device’s Settings menu.• Select Termux from the Apps menu.• Select Permissions from the drop-down menu.• Permit the use of files and media.• Open the Termux application.• cd /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/ is the command to use.• Next, type find into the command prompt. -name “*” -type f -size 0 -delete “*”• Then, in your Google Photos app, clear the cache.• Finally, restart your smartphone. Solution #6: Disable Face Grouping.• Open Google Photos in a new tab.• Select the icon for your profile.• Select your photo’s settings.• Similar Faces should be selected as a group.• Look for and disable Face Grouping. Conclusion:  Google Photos is a great service as long as you don’t encounter any errors. However, if an unexpected error occurs, don’t worry; the solutions listed above will assist you in resolving the issue and ensuring that you can continue to use the Google Photos features while storing your data safely in the cloud.