How to fix OnePlus mobile device slow charging issue

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There are numerous alternatives available when purchasing a new smartphone. The OnePlus is one brand that may offer you amazing functions and features. When it comes to OnePlus devices, they provide flagship-level specifications, features, and performance.

Many people are now satisfied with their OnePlus devices. However, some smartphone users have reported that their devices are charging slowly or not charging at all. After a software update, you may notice that your OnePlus mobile device is not charging quickly enough. We’ll show you how to fix the OnePlus sluggish charging issue in this article.


  • As a result of our examination of the issue, several causes can cause your Android smartphone to charge slowly, and we’ve highlighted the most prevalent ones. And here’s a list of things you may check and troubleshoot to see if your OnePlus device is having problems.

  • Overnight charging of your smartphone
  • Having problems with the charging cable
  • Damaged cable
  • The cable isn’t supported.
  • Not fitting cable
  • Problems with the power adapter
  • Problems with the power supply
  • A faulty charging ports
  • A battery that is old or defective
  • Increased screen time


  • Whatever the source of your OnePlus phone’s sluggish charging problem, you can address and fix it by using the solutions listed below. Following these guidelines, we are certain that you will be able to resolve your OnePlus smartphone’s slow charging issues. Follow the procedures outlined below until your issue is resolved and you can resume using your device at its peak performance.

Solution #1: Check the OnePlus Mobile Device’s Charging Port

  • Examine the area if there is dust or dirt for evidence of damage.
  • You can use a clean cotton swab to clean it.
  • When cleaning your OnePlus device, avoid sharp metals.
  • A wooden toothpick can also be used safely.

Solution #2: Change the Charger

  • Perhaps your charger is the cause of your device’s delayed charging. Examine your charger for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
  • Whether you have another charger, try it out to see if it works the same.
  • If your existing charger charges at the same rate, you can use it with other devices.

Solution #3: Use a different electrical outlet.

  • If you’re charging your device with the same power outlet, switching to a new outlet might assist.
  • Check to see if the sluggish charging issue has been resolved. Otherwise, it could be a problem with your phone.

Solution#4: Boot your device to normal mode

  • If your device is currently in safe mode, consider booting into regular mode and running in normal mode daily.

Solution#5: Check the power source or switchboard

  • Make sure the power source or switchboard you use to charge your device daily is not faulty. This may deplete the battery of your device.

Solution #4: Update the software on your OnePlus device.

  • System updates can help you get the most out of your battery while also improving the performance of your smartphone.
  • You can check for available updates if your OS has not been updated.
  • Go to the System section of the Settings menu.
  • System Updates should be checked.

Conclusion: This is how you can fix your OnePlus phone’s fast charging issue. By following the procedures outlined above one by one, you will be able to fast charge your smartphone and enjoy it again without any problems or complications.